Our 10th summer camp has been another full-house event

Our 10th summer camp has been another full-house event


Dunabogdány, 9-15 August


5 June, 2014


The program was fantastic - it was worth attending this year too :) Those who attended know this perfectly well: our tenth summer camp has been another full-house event. We have fulfilled our expectations - a short summary by Kristóf Czabala.


Camp organized by the Healing Goodwill Foundation


   The foundation has already been organizing camps for children with muscular dystrophy and their parents for 10 years. During the one-week camp, volunteers help us in having the best possible time. The camp’s programs are enhanced by several colorful performances and presentations.

   The first three camps were held in Bethesda Hospital, then the next three in Verőce, and this year, for the fourth time, in Dunabogdány.

   The residents of Dunabogdány are looking forward to having us here every year. Campers enjoy the fresh air by the river bank every evening. It goes without saying that they never skip an opportunity to have ice-cream in the local parlor. For many years now campers have ridden the summer bob-sleds in Visegrád for a few hours followed by a boat ride on the Danube. At the end of such a day, all go to bed tired but happy. During the week, there is also a hike arranged by the organizers. The last days of camp are filled with cooking by open fire and a charity concert ends this unforgettable time.

   After the camp, we have the opportunity to catch up twice during the year, once in the autumn and once in the spring. On these occasions we have fun programs as well and we go to a wellness spa with our families in a nearby hotel.

    When the weekend is over we all go home relaxed, our helpers however go home to rest after doing their absolute best to support us.

Czabala Kristóf


The programs offered by the camp:

09 August, Saturday: Arrival of campers in the morning, getting to know each other and being introduced to Dunabogdány by Laci Sas

All day: Massage - being pampered by Zoli Kárpáti, available to both parents and children, arts and crafts in the afternoon, lead by Ágnes Csupor, glass artist and Cili Rácz, actress, followed by Dr. Katalin Radványi talking with children, parents and volunteers.

Evening: board games after dinner for the young ones, Italian night for parents in the garden of the local Culture hall,with the full moon as backdrop.

10 August, Sunday:

Morning: mandala and job orientation for children and parents, literary contest

Afternoon:musical performances in the garden of the Culture hall, visiting the town fair Stroll on the river bank bicycle lane, ice-cream in Szunyog büfé

Evening:  Film club and chatting

11 August, Monday:

Riding bob-sleds in Visegrád, followed by a ferry trip to Nagymaros


A visit by Bátor-tábor

Parents could talk with doctors who also gave presentations (Dr. Herczegfalvi Ágnes, Péli Mónika, Gergev Gyurgyinka, Szőnyi Zsuzsa)

Children made beautiful btracelets from string, yarn and pearls:


A presentaion by Vizi Péter about astronomy, with the title: The stars, our companions

12 August, Tuesday:

Morning: Belly dancing course for mothers with Marietta Ádok - a wonderful event, a big thank you to Marietta for the unforgettable time

for others:  Champions’ Day and finger-painting, playing with primary colors, creating new colors and pictures

Afternoon:  Going on a boat ride with Captain Kálmán

After dinner:

“Music heals - music is joy”

A performance given by the Singkreis German choir, another hit this year, memorable for everyone

13 August, Wednesday:

Morning: presentation by Gábor Tóth on nature conservation and animals

Afternoon: Physical education to moms and dads with waist and back pain, given by Dr. Zsuzsanna Orosz, physiotherapist

Katy sang and talked about multiculturalism

a talk by Róbert Kertész, ironman

Preparations for the evening concert

concert given by Katica Illényi  – piano: Rita Termes, guest star: Rezső Ott, jr

Closing – Rappstars: Dani Abramov andRoli Horváth

14 August, Thursday:

Morning: introducing different musical instruments by the Ott family and the Dunabogdány Youth Orchestra

followed by:

knowing your country: contest and archery demonstration by János Vermes

preparing for our annual talent show

Arts: we painted a picture together with the Danube as its theme

Afternoon: Talent Show and open fire cooking

Evening: Farewell

15 August, Friday: saying goodbye