What an evening: Charity event for DMD patients on breathing machine

2015. April 27.

What an evening: Charity event for DMD patients on breathing machine

27th April 2015

’For a more liveable life’ – concert for the two Davids, Krisztina, and Peter

Solidarity and joyful times : this was what you found at KULT’13 – József Attila Culture Center on the Sunday afternoon of  26th April 2015.

Performers, who joined the charity event with the mere willingness to help:

ParaDance Company

Kocsó Cintia


Elvis By Tom – énekes Dóka Tamás

Vikidál Gyula

RapStars: Abramov Dani és Horváth Roli


The bank account of The Healing Goodwill Foundation (Gyógyító Jószándék Alapítvány) is open to donations for patients with muscular dystrophies living with breathing machines. The account number is: 10300002-20162043-00003285 at MBK bank, in the comment (‘közlemény’) sectionplease write ‘For dmd patients living with breathing machines’ (‘A lélegeztetőgépen lévő dmd-sek támogatására’).

We would like to thank InterTicket Kft. and Andrea Tóth for all their help in ticket sales.

Thank you Everybody! We are thankful to all the performers coming here with the intention to help, to all the volunteers, to Echo TV – to Anita Tamás, in particular, for hosting the event -, to the crew of the ‘Hídemberek’, and to the staff of Kult’13. We felt the power of a community.

The concert ‘For a more livable life’ was organized by Viktor Brandt ‘Dream Deliverer’ in joint efforts with the Healing Goodwill Foundation.

We would like to thank the Akli family, Dóra and Brigi Somogyi for surprising the performers with their creative mascots.

We would also like to thank the Lengyel family for their generous donation and the ‘For Disabled People’s Equal Opportunity Non-profit Ltd’ (Fogyatékos Személyek Esélyegyenlőségéért Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.) for contributing to the venue rental from the FOF2014/14 tender’s budget, thus making it possible to provide further financial support to the families is question.

The ‘For a More Livable Life’ concert was organized with the intention to help four young bedridden people. Throughout our lives we have all faced situations where we were helpless and forced to stay in bed for some time due to being ill. We have all been through the slowest hours and days of our lives then and came to realize how much being in such a situation takes away from us. We might not even be able to imagine spending years like this, let alone a whole life.  For bedridden people even the tiniest changes might transform their everyday lives.  Access to internet and a fast computer can’t be seen as luxury items for them, since these mean their only way to keep in touch with the world outside their room. For their convenience – and to avoid further injuries resulting from an uncomfortable bed –, having a bed and mattress of high quality is also a must. These are only a few of the things that are necessary for a more livable life of a bedridden patient. We could further point out the importance of a nutritious diet, dietary supplements, and the necessary equipment that all need to be provided. Supplying a patient with all these often brings about financial difficulties and might even put the family into a nearly hopeless situation. Performers, organizers, participant and all those who offered donations have made it their goal that day to brighten up the faces of these four young people and their families, and sneak new hues of hope into their lives.

Readers of the Curing Goodwill Foundation webpage have known us for years, but who is this ‘Dream Deliverer’?

Introducing Viktor Brandt, who grown to be the ‘Dream Deliverer’ for disabled people over the past few years, in a few sentences has never been easy. Volunteering has become a natural and integral part of his life. His helpfulness proved the impossible ideas yet possible, and showed how dreams of disabled people can come true, if they are helped on their way.

They have thousands of dreams just like ordinary people, and the Dream Deliverer keeps noting them down, only to make them come true one day. A couple of his deeds so far: special activities (ice skating with wheelchairs, hang gliding, go-carting, drifting, special swinging in Városliget and pancake afternoons filled with laughter), repairing, purchasing  and delivering special equipment,  fundraising for families in need, organizing charity events, and the list of his initiatives could go on. Viktor believes that accessibility has to be realized in people’s heads first, and over the years volunteers have joined him in his creed. Even the mere existence of Viktor brings joy to people, his cheerful and energetic personality makes anyone around him smile. He sees disabled people equal to non-disabled, his respect for them builds their self-confidence and self-esteem. He has proved that dreams are achievable for everyone, because while one steps into the Land of Dreams on his own foot, others might as well roll in, if it’s made accessible. Thank you for being here for us!