Summer camp care at the Pediatric Rehabilitation Department!

2016. July 8.

Summer camp care at the Pediatric Rehabilitation Department!

July 8, 2016.

Apart from the continuous individual rehabilitation provided by the Neuromuscular Center, we continue our „summer-camp” care in our Department, starting from the 20th of June, for 3 weeks,  with 2 weeks available for each child.

Naturally, one parent was able to accompany his/her child, with full service, free of charge.

  • In the first two weeks, parents could visit lectures on genetics, home-care, cardiology and various other topics as part of the parent-education programme.

  • Over the course of the second week, we conducted the usual instrumental assessment examinations.

  • In co-operation with Otto Bock, during the summer camp we assist in planning special individual control methods for our participants using electric wheelchairs. We extended this programme to benefit other ambulant patients who aren’t able to control their electric wheelchairs by hand (or joystick).

  • We were taking measurements for custom-made corsets as part of the braces care (proximal orthosis care).

  • The department provided therapeutic recreation elements as well, for example virtual-reality training, dog assisted therapy and and miniature horse petting.

  • We continued our „Couple therapy for parents” and „Healthy sibling” psychotherapy programmes.

  • The rehabilitation programme includes sample taking for custom orthoses, and demonstrations of medical devices designed to make home-care and mobility easier.


                                                                                      Dr. Medveczky Erika Ph.D.

                                                                                     Chief Medical Officer



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