Our Petition Regarding the Operation of the Genetic Lab and Information for 2016

2015. May 15.

Our Petition Regarding the Operation of the Genetic Lab and Information for 2016 

2015 May 15 

Dear fellow petitioners! In 2015 we successfully lobbied to avert the the most threatening danger - thus the operation of genetic diagnostics could stay uninterrupted during the institutional transformation in 2015, under the same conditions. 

2016 Developments:

At this time, the genetics laboratory operates at the Institute of Genomic Medicine and Rare Disorders.

2015 Developments: 


Thank you so much for all the signatures - without you, this would have not been possible! 

For us, the patient organizations and the patients, the promises regarding our future are not very reassuring. For this reason in our response letter, we asked for clarification on the exact name of the "institution operated at a higher scientific level", its planned activity, the professionals performing these activities and the exact method of administration.

According to the patient organizations, even from a rational point of view it would be inappropriate to break up the patient oriented, high quality decade- long experience of the expert staff - as it is a great treasure. 



Invariably we offered our partnership, the formulation of collected opinions and the coordination with decision makers in order to provide continuous quality genetics testing. Due to the fact that the situation is not yet satisfactory, we continue our endeavor and our petition: please refer to http://www.peticiok.com/genetikai_betegseggel_szuletettek