Our activity

The Healing Goodwill Foundation was legally formed in November 2002, with the aim of coordinating the therapy of children suffering from DMD, SMA and other muscular disorders. It is a non-profit organization having its individual budget, (NGO) supported in the past  years by civil people, companies and winning some projects. The Foundation is run by an advisory board of five people. It has continual relation with more than one hundred Hungarian families, not only provide them with professional support, but try to help them financially as well. Another very important factor is the social life – having connection with families; organize family meetings four or five times a year. Since 2003, every year we have organized a one-week camp for these children together with their families. Art, adventure, sports and free time activities have been arranged for them. Without these programs they could have never been able to participate in events such as: horse-back riding, bob-“flight”, motor boating, driving quads, sports cars, having wellness programs, etc.


The programs could be implemented with the support of civil and company donations and financing from the ministry (EMMI - Ministry of Human Resources), its background institution (NCSSZI - National Institute for Family, Youth and Population Policy) and Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities Non-profit Ltd. (FSZK).


Therapeutic care of certain incurable diseases/ groups of diseases in Hungary is in its infancy.

Just like the care of the large group of muscular dystrophies. The diseases are different in origin and become manifest in different stages of life but they have one thing in common: they are incurable and progressive according to current scientific knowledge, and due to steadily worsening conditions unfortunately, we lose these patients.


At present cca.1000 children suffer from different types of muscular dystrophy in Hungary. 

Every year around 25 children are born whose life expectancy is affected by this diagnosis.


The primary target group of our activity is the group of children and young people of age 0-25 with muscular dystrophy and their families.

The secondary target group is the professionals and volunteers who are participating in the care of patients through the complex program.

We can reach hundreds of families  - our services are open to all Hungarian citizens and Hungarians are living in the surrounding areas.

We hope, that our activity makes their everyday life easier, livable, happier.

Providing physiotherapy, remedial massage, hydrotherapy, special equipment for children with muscular disorder.

Family therapy for parent groups on a monthly basis, mental health workshops, children's meetings - professional, psychical care of families by psychologist, its methodological development, expansion of mentoring network.

We help by transport service – for persons with reduced mobility.

We run information support for families raising children with muscular disorder, giving information about their rights and the availability of services.


To ensure sustainability, we conducted systematic fundraising activities, which are aimed at the following target groups:

- to reach individual, regular small-amount donors

- donations from companies

- organizing charity events

- 1% donations from personal income tax

- projects of Ministries