Dunabogdány, 4th-10th August. We were camping this year as well!

2016. August 14.

Dunabogdány, 4th-10th August. We were camping this year as well!


14th August, 2016.

As usual, every room was full - with many visitors each day. All events were successful, perhaps sometimes we even had too much on our plate. But there is still a little time at home to take a breath before school starts.


The program:


4th August, Thursday:

Morning: arrival - between 9-10 am

Getting to know each other until noon, crafts workshop

Morning and all day:  Massage.  Zoltán Kárpáti also showed the volunteers and parents some lifting techniques.

Afternoon: 2.30- 4.00 pm: visit of the Lelenc Dogsaver Association from Őrbottyán -with three therapy dogs and many interesting stories. Many thanks to Anna Tenner and her friends for their care - and the pretty calendars.

4.00- 6.00 pm Kati Radványi– we got to be on the same wavelength again at the group talk. THANKS to Kati for coming to us even during her holidays!

At the same time: Rozália Maczó master hairdresser conjured some wonderful hairstyles. - THANK YOU!

Evening: As an optional program a few of us participated in a classical music concert at the Catholic church.

In the evening the Bodaner Singkreis - German ethnical choir visited us: their happy songs were already well known. THANK YOU!


5th August, Friday:

Morning: Bátor Tábor - Go. Anywhere - guest-program: “VAN Festival” was wonderful - we enjoyed very much the game of stations this year again. THANKS to the travelling group of Bátor Tábor!

The number of those interested in technology increased drastically: instead of the original plan of 40 people 62 of us visited the Suzuki factory in Esztergom. It was very interesting. MANY THANKS for the considerate help of Gábor Kun, Gábor Barlai, Krisztián Róbert, Hajnalka Mihalik and Alma Oberrecht.

Almost all of the parents were trapped into the evening boat trip - those who challenged themselves did not regret it. And even in the camp we did not delay with our evening duties.


6th August, Saturday:

Morning: Information hours - discussion with the parents and then for the ladies a dance therapy session was held by Marietta Ádok - and then several other times during the week.

Swimming across the Danube was not as boring as last year, but until the evening everybody turned out fine - nevertheless a bit tired.

In the evening we were guests at the garden of the Community Center. We enjoyed the folk music concerts.


7th August, Sunday

Morning: 10.00- 11.30 am the lecture of the wanderer physicist professor Pál Tóth was a great success - “green route”: science not only in a dry, silent or smoke-free way.

Afternoon: we had a barbecue - at the same time we were racing with a cabrio - not many of us missed it. THANKS to Zoli Tóth!

Evening: 7 pm: we enjoyed the concert in the garden of the community center: “Among flowers with you” The symphonic covers of the songs of Illés performed by the musicians of Dunabogdány. At the same time we also made the staff of Szúnyog Büfé busy.


8the August, Monday:

Morning 9.00- 11.00 am: bobsleigh in Visegrád - THANKS for the supporting help of the manager and the staff.

Afternoon: motorboat cruise with captain Kálmán - THANKS to him and the lifting volunteers!

Evening: talent show- once again it was the Anya-banya choir that took the first prize (and not the sweepers this year).


9th of August, Tuesday:

We had an open day - many guests, sponsors and reporters came - they were talking with the campers.

Afternoon: “Music is healing balsam. Music is joy.” At our program Melinda Graff and András Liebhard talked about the history of music and sang some beautiful songs. THANK YOU!

“Music is healing balsam. Music is joy.” The program continued in the evening at the Community Center of Dunabogdány with the Tamás Cseh memorial evening.


1.       The opening of Nikolett Fehér pianist and László Ürmös violist.


Albeniz: Tango

Chopin : Prelude

Bizet : Habanera

Rachmaninoff : Vocalise

Chopin : b- minor Waltz

Bach : Air

2.       Tamás Cseh memorial evening in the performance of Vodku v Glotku

On stage:

IstvánBata – guitar, vocal

Árpád Szabó – violin, mandolin, vocal

János Nemes – flute, saxophone, bass clarinet

3.        The Rapstars: Dani Abramov and Roli Horváth camper rappers performed their own compositions.

THANKS to each performer and organiser for once again gifting the audience a wonderful eve.

 The eve continued with a goodbye-night at the camp.

 10th August, Wednesday:

Morning: departure. Sírós We had a wellness afterparty, and there will be more possibilities in the weekdays of August.

AND there was an afterparty at Sziget as well: between the 10th and 14th of August more than 20 people enjoyed the festival thanks to the organisation of our Foundation.

We wish you some more pleasant relaxing days for the summer!