Charity event for supporting Szalkai Dávid

2015. June 3.

Charity event for supporting Szalkai Dávid


The charity evening on the 29th of May was great,and high-quality and I felt continuously the joy of helping. Special thanks to the organizers, performers and the enthusiastic audience! Here you can find an article and a lot of pictures about the event.

Besides the donation, you helped Dávid and his family with some courage and spiritual strength as well. And the teddy bear has just arrived to Dávid...

Here,you can see the report of the Kazincbarcika Television.

For those who do not follow Dávid's fight here are Judit Göndör's writings- which do not report yet the last charity action of the Újkazinci Friends Circle. With their help and the support of others the family received a washing machine,that is indispensable for in daily life. Not to mention all the consideration they got from many good-hearted people.

The writings are firstly about a man who turned 25 years old on the 13th of May and whose fight can be a great example for several people.

Get to know Dávid Szalkai's brief lifestory and the background of the slogan "I don't give up!".