Budapest Klezmer Band plays in Óbudai Társaskör in the evening of 21st February, 2016

Budapest Klezmer Band plays in Óbudai Társaskör in the evening of 21st February, 2016


24th February, 2016

Hail to ALL the participating artists giving their best of the best and an unforgettable performance!

Thanks to everybody coming to this super outstanding show and for the donations that will secure us a next time in August!

Our thanks go also to those not present but promoting our cause with their financial support by money transfers!

It was a most wonderful evening!

Even the weather was merciful, it started dripping only when we were coming to a close, assume, it was because it felt sorry that our time was up in Óbudai Társaskör.


And here is the program we could enjoy

  1. Opening and moderating was Panka Lengyel

  2. In our series “Young talents” Dani Hegedűs staged a breath-taking solo dance

  3. Elemér Balázs, jr. was performing the following piano classics:

Rhapsody in H minor, op. 79, no. 1. by Brahms

Polonaise in C-sharp minor op. 26, no.1 by Chopin  

  1. Dömötör Pintér opera singer delighted us with Sarastro’ aria from Mozart’s Magic Flute, seconded by Helga Arnóth on piano

  2. Panka Lengyel sang her favourites also playing the guitar. We heard “Szeretni valakit valamiért” (To love someone for something) by the Republic band as well as James Arthur’s “Impossible”

  3. The RapStars formation performed their own rap pieces entitled “Álomlány” (Dream girl), “Önzetlenül” (Selflessly), “Elfásultunk” (We have turned weary).



  1. the Budapest Klezmer Band show


Our Dear Guest,

By participating in our pro bono event besides enjoying yourself you also helped some of the children that were not blessed with the ability to move effortlessly. We aim to make the lives of children suffering from muscular dystrophy more carefree by raising money for their summer camps.

Please check out the photos in the website Photo Album or on our Facebook page.