The 2nd Rehab Critical Mass was successful: 17th May, Sunday afternoon

The 2nd Rehab Critical Mass was successful: 17th May, Sunday afternoon

The spring parade of the 2nd Rehab Critical Mass began on Sunday, 17th May, 2016, 2.00 pm at the zero milestone (Clark Ádám square). From here, we moved to Erzsébet square at 3.00 pm, where great cultural programs were held for the participants. More people came than to our last event, but hopefully less than to the 3rd Rehab Critical Mass event. They screened the music video "Az a baj” several times,in which our rappers Abramov Dani and Horváth Roli are the main characters. We are proud of them!It was a joyful spring event similar to a picnic,and all kinds of disabilities were represented. The goal is a non-political self- representation, that tries to emphasize the values of the social group living with disabilities. It is another aim to show new and innovative solutions that help the social acceptance and integration or simply facilitate daily living. The message of the day is "In a different way, but everybody is able to.." We expressed it with a great gathering. Our aim is to create a positive acting strategy, that efficiently helps people in decision-making to create a motivating ambiance by involving the affected people for strengthening their social integration. More infos at our Facebook page.