We are happy that many of you are coming.

As our place at Dunabogdány was a bit insecure we decided to look for other options. Santa Claus has also promised to find us in Hévíz and he even thought about covering our costs. 


Summer camp 2016: Here are the photos: II. part. Thanks Bánlaki Szabolcs!


Summer camp 2016: Here are the fotos: I. part. Thanks Bánlaki Szabolcs and Németh Sándor!


We participated in the events of Rehab Critical Mass this year as well. We helped in the organisation process for a few weeks and we also contributed financially to the setting-up of the main stage.

Photos of our charity event 21th Februar 2016

As usual, every room was full - with many visitors each day. All events were successful, perhaps sometimes we even had too much on our plate. But there is still a little time at home to take a breath before school starts.